Sikh Volunteers Australia is proud to start our new project “Free Food Van for the Homeless and Needy” today, all with with the support of the Sikh Community.

We will be bringing warm food, refreshments and support to every corner of our community in the true spirit of humanity – “Love All and Share All”.

After completing 2 years journey in the service of humanity, we are excited to start this new initiative. With a great accomplishment of supporting more than 60 community events in the last two years, we thank each and every hard working volunteer who have contributed and help towards good the community.

We have received lots of love and respect from the wonderful Australian community, special mention to our friends at the City of Casey #Cityofcasey for assisting and advising us on community events.

All volunteers are special to us and we are forever grateful, still we need to give a mention of 2 individuals Mandeep Singh and Sukhwinder Kaur, who are both inspiring and amazing – their never say “No” response for supporting any event encouragesbr encourages new volunteers to join us everyday.