(Updated 1 Dec 2020 Friday)

Those who need FREE FOOD Delivery to their homes…

Please Call or Text: 0423359279, 0401509236 before 12noon for delivery between 5.00pm to 7pm.

(Note: Most photos appearing above were taken before social distancing rules were applied.)

The corona virus pandemic is affecting tens of thousands of people in so many ways, including loss of work and lack of food and daily supplies. The elderly, sick and homeless and the needy are the most vunerable during these times.

The Sikh Volunteers Australia have organised a FREE FOOD (Vegetarian) delivery service direct to homes of the needy, this is in addition to the weekly Free Food Van which has been increased to 3 times a week during this crisis period.

Started on 18 March 2020, the volunteers saw more than 200 requests for food deliveries with over 300 meals delivered on the first day.

The service also targeting people who are in self-isolation in Melbourne’s south east will run for 2 weeks (from 18 March to 1 April 2020). Anyone living in the defined areas can call the numbers before 12 noon to have the food delivered on the same day between 5pm to 8pm.

The food menu for the various days have also been announced on social media to include: Gluten Free Pasta, Veg Soya Curry, Chickpea Curry, Veg Korma and Fresh Salad.

Support through social media is coming in with amazing comments from so many wonderful people, a big Thank You for all your kind words and encourgements.

“I don’t need any orders, but just wanted to say what a wonderful job you guys do. Its amazing to have people like you who shows what humanity is about!”

“You guys are so kind hearted. Is there any way my family can assist?”

“Thank you for your kindness. Hearts of pure love 💓”

“You are simply wonderful humans – thank you for what you do.”

“Amazing work God bless you all for your support and kindness 😊”