A Maribyrnong apartment complex today (13 Jul 2021) Tuesday was put in lockdown as authorities traced COVID-positive cases. Residents of the Ariele Apartments on Thomas Holmes Street have been instructed not to leave the building unless they’re seeking testing for COVID-19 or in the event of an emergency.

Sikh Volunteers Australia is heading to Maribyrnong apartment (Tier 1 exposure site) to assist and support residents of the apartment complex with freshly cooked vegetarian meals. Our team is monitoring the situation evolving at other Tier 1 sites as well and will provide assistance as required.

Thanks to all hard working volunteers and generous donors who have continiously support us, our volunteer team will be serving meals to all 200 residents tonight.

Sikh Volunteers Australia is committed to help Maribyrnong apartment residents while following all the guidelines issues by Authorities. To maintain minimum contact all apartment residents are requested to send Meals request on this number 0452601734 and mention following information:

1. Number of meals required
2. Address
The meals will be delivered to door step of the residents who request for the Free Vegetarian food delivery service.