From the Premier’s Facebook Page (7 Jan 2021).

This photo was taken almost a year ago to the day in Bairnsdale.

A team from Sikh Volunteers Australia had driven up from Cranbourne and were serving free hot meals to anyone who needed one – including firies working round the clock and those who’d fled their homes with nothing.

Then when the pandemic hit, they started delivering home-cooked food parcels to Victorians who were isolated or needed support. All up more than 140,000 free meals were served between March and December.

Now, fittingly, they’ve been named Australian Human Rights Heroes for 2020.

The award recognises those ‘who represent the very best of humanity’ and made a tangible difference with ‘hope, kindness and inspiration’.

In the darkest of times we show the best of ourselves, and I can’t think of more worthy recipients of this honour.

On behalf of the entire state – thank you for everything.